GeoSpatial Technologies

In a fast-paced world where changes in technology are the norm, GeoSpatial Technologies® Inc. (GST) remains a stable and innovative R&D powerhouse that develops location-based technologies, incorporating Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GPS, and wireless communications for the First Responders, Public Safety, Transportation, and Fleet Management Industries. In addition, GST also develops intelligence database management system and Crime Analysis solutions designed specifically for law enforcement Intel Units.

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San Diego Gas & Electric

Early in the NICS development senior managers at San Diego Gas & Electric, the San Diego-based utility, saw how Raven-NICS capabilities could allow them to have greater situational awareness on evolving emergencies, not to mention added safety for employees in the field.  SDGE stepped up early and funded the revolutionary ODIN project which mounted a high resolution Video/IR camera on Air Attack 330.  More significantly, SDGE provided the critical bootstrap funding to help WICS get off the ground and engineer the transition of NICS to Raven.  None of the progress that has been experienced in this program could have happened without the support of SDGE, and especially Danny Zaragoza, Cameron Durckel, Randy Lyle, and Hal Mortier.

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Amazon Web Service

The Nonprofit Organization support division of AWS has provided critical assistance to WICS as we have re-hosted the NICS technology into the AWS Cloud in the form of Raven.  Of particular help have been Marko Cemovic, Chris Timmerman, and Brad Coughlan (Amazon Australia).