Raven: Tools, Technologies, CONOPs and Services to empower the Tired - Dirty - Hungry

From the individual responder to the operations center, Raven is a mobile, web-based collaboration and communication platform for dynamically escalating incidents, from first response to extreme-scale, that enables information sharing and cooperation among International, Federal, Tribal, Military, State, County, Local/ Municipal, Utility, Commercial, Citizen/Public, NGO, PVO and all other responding agencies and organizations as appropriate. The Raven platform is designed to support all phases of emergency management, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief (Preparedness, Planning, Response, and Recovery) for all types of hazards and events.

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WICS: Worldwide Incident Command Services Corporation

WICS is a California incorporated Nonprofit Public Benefit corporation created for two purposes: (1) to transition tools, technologies, CONOPS (concepts of operation) and services from an R&D project to a fully sustainable, reliable, resilient, secure, and properly supported operational platform (Raven Emergency Management Platform), and (2) to further evolve the CONOPS and components of Raven to meet worldwide challenges in emergency management, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief. WICS has organized and operates itself exclusively in the public interest for Scientific, Educational, and Chartable exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Designed by Operators

Raven has its roots in advanced collaboration and coordination research and development from DARPA.  It has been created by subject matter experts with extensive operational experience.  It helps the responder develop situational awareness quickly and make timely decisions under pressure.


Designed for the Tired - Dirty - Hungry

Raven has grown from its initial bottom up design to be dirt easy to learn and dirt easy to use.  It is especially tailored for the front-line responder who is in a state of fatigue, under extreme stress, and deprived of good communication, the TIRED - DIRTY - HUNGRY


Reach Back

Raven is a networked platform that allows decision-makers and their staffs to operate fully distributed. As a web-based platform via the Internet, Raven can support incidents from afar out of harms way as well as on-scene. The support footprint can be controlled to meet the demands of the situation.

lockRaven is secure

We understand that emergency response is a matter of national security and have built Raven to the highest standards of online security.       Learn more »